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hey everyone. im new here.
my boyfriend just recently broke up with me this past wednesday. i dont hate him. i do love him. im not here to rant and hate yet. hopefully never. but this just this seemed like a nice place to vent out my feelings and hoping to make friends.
well just a little about me and my x.
my name is amanda im 15 Chris - my x. is also the same age as me one week apart.
i live in port richey, florida. this town sux its says old people retirement all over it. but i would give anything to stay here. i have to move to clearwater soon because my dad's job is there .....probably around august i will be leaving.. .whenever the house sells.... so chris wanted to break up now...
i do understand his point...but it still hurts so bad i love him so much and i dont think i will ever get over him.
He said we should break up now and be CLOSE friends (hugs n kisses still).....but not go out because he is afraid if we continue....when i move....i will still want to go out (ofcourse) and we will end up fightng about it and hating eachother or something like that....
so i guess he is happy now... i had my bday party thursday was fun he was there ..and i got some alone time with just hurts so bad to know ... i cant call him MINE anymore...he isnt my BOYFRIEND. i dont think that has sunk in my skull yet.....its hard. but im trying.
well more to tell but dont want to be a bore.
so comment if u have any thoughts or advice.
glad to be a member.
>_< Amanda >_
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