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i am totally in love with this idea!!!!! i am new to this community.

my exboyfriend is now the boyfriend of my exbestfriend but was too much of a baby to tell me about it and when he went to newyork for a week, everyone and their mom told me, and me and him were technically still something. then he wouldnt return my emails and he is so sssss-stttttttuuuuuuupppppppiiiiiiiddddddd!!!!!!!! i really hate him, and that c-u-n-t, i one time called my bestfriend. [we stopped ebing friends before this all happened, and he knew that, and agreeed with me about how dumb she was...] i hate highschool stuff, good thing im not in highschool anymore!! whew.

okay. wow that felt good. hahahaha.

p.s. i <3333 kathleen hanna, and thats how i found this community. if you do too, join my community... bedroomxdancing. !!!!!!

the end. xoxo bek
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