stephanita (ironyfemme) wrote in antimolly,

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what the hell is going on. boy still loves me im at school, he's going to school next year and he plays up htis shit that he still wants to be with me. he writes

"Today Mr.Siegle decided to talk about love and sex in our psych class. He asked who was in love and I had no problem raising my hand. Alot of the kids in the class were shocked when they heard that S and I were still going out. Then me and Sarah started talking about Marriage and if you would have asked me two monthes ago if I think me and S were gonna get married I would have said no way but now I am not sure. We will just have to see what happens. Take it really slow though (not till after college). If it works out it works out." wtf is that!!!!! im not sure. maybe im a commitaphobe. i love him. i guess i can jsut tak eit one day at a time!!!
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