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im lonely. so incredibly lonely. and im sure all my friends are tired of hearing it. but i cant help it. i cant help that im too sad for my own good and that Im jealous over anyone and everyone who has someone. Im tired of hearing certain things about certain people and their significant others. I miss being in love. I miss being loved. I miss being happy. And as much as I hate to admit it.. the one thing right now that would make me truly happy is falling in love and being with someone. Knowing that someone loves me.. or even just likes me. Someone I can see often. Someone who likes me for who I am and who I feel 100% comfortable with. Someone who wont make fun of me when I say something stupid and wont mind when I have a mood swing and burst into tears. I just want someone. And Im tired of seeing other people happy.. when im dying inside. Each day that I feel like this, I die a little bit more. This happiness. This smile. This laugh. Its fake. Im faking it. Im tired of faking it.
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