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i hate listening to them. *all his fault* but i cant help it.... its like smokin. even tho youve seen the pix of people with lung cancer and decaying mouths, and you know yr slowly killing yourself, you cant stop smoking. or if you think a stove is on, but you dont really know, and you touch it anyway. [i donno if you do that but i sure do!] or driving past a car crash, u cant help but look, even tho it makes you feel a lil shitty inside.
i listen to Incubus even tho ill suffer from horrendous pain filled flashbacks. why do i do this to myself.

you know what, no. its not like any of those things. its a whole lot worse. i physically feel pain all throughout my body when i hear Incubus. heh, their not even that good either. god, shitty love-stricken emo moods suck. fuck =(

its so hard to look at him. i see him all the time. where ever i seem to go, hes there. i cant avoid him. but when i do, i feel so free. as if a shit load of crap has been lifted off my back and i can actually smile for the moment.

its been 5 fuckin months. dont you think i should be over him now?
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