hey everyone. im new here.
my boyfriend just recently broke up with me this past wednesday. i dont hate him. i do love him. im not here to rant and hate yet. hopefully never. but this just this seemed like a nice place to vent out my feelings and hoping to make friends.
well just a little about me and my x.
my name is amanda im 15 Chris - my x. is also the same age as me one week apart.
i live in port richey, florida. this town sux its says old people retirement all over it. but i would give anything to stay here. i have to move to clearwater soon because my dad's job is there .....probably around august i will be leaving.. .whenever the house sells.... so chris wanted to break up now...
i do understand his point...but it still hurts so bad i love him so much and i dont think i will ever get over him.
He said we should break up now and be CLOSE friends (hugs n kisses still).....but not go out because he is afraid if we continue....when i move....i will still want to go out (ofcourse) and we will end up fightng about it and hating eachother or something like that....
so i guess he is happy now... i had my bday party thursday was fun he was there ..and i got some alone time with just hurts so bad to know ... i cant call him MINE anymore...he isnt my BOYFRIEND. i dont think that has sunk in my skull yet.....its hard. but im trying.
well more to tell but dont want to be a bore.
so comment if u have any thoughts or advice.
glad to be a member.
>_< Amanda >_
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i am totally in love with this idea!!!!! i am new to this community.

my exboyfriend is now the boyfriend of my exbestfriend but was too much of a baby to tell me about it and when he went to newyork for a week, everyone and their mom told me, and me and him were technically still something. then he wouldnt return my emails and he is so sssss-stttttttuuuuuuupppppppiiiiiiiddddddd!!!!!!!! i really hate him, and that c-u-n-t, i one time called my bestfriend. [we stopped ebing friends before this all happened, and he knew that, and agreeed with me about how dumb she was...] i hate highschool stuff, good thing im not in highschool anymore!! whew.

okay. wow that felt good. hahahaha.

p.s. i <3333 kathleen hanna, and thats how i found this community. if you do too, join my community... bedroomxdancing. !!!!!!

the end. xoxo bek
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love is....

i hate hates i thought i'd join :)
and what better way to start off with than he greatest quote ever...
"love is suicide" the smashing pumpkins-bodies
i believe that is true no matter which way you look at it...if you love someone and they leave you, you want to kill yourself and it kills you inside...if the ONE YOU LOVE dies it makes you feel the same way......
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I'm sure it's been said a million times, but I hate the guys that say "You're a really good person, I just don't think I like you that way."
It's so unbearingly stupid.
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yeah... uh im bored...

yup. i definitely havent been here in a while... no one posts... thats prolly why.

im eating a Ho Ho. yum. good stuff.

my sister keep making me watch her eyebrows "dance"


i gotta go.
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i've heard about this community quite a lot, and i've been in sistersafetypin using quite a few journals. i've always been indecisive about whether or not to join here because currently i have a great relationship. but last night, my ex somehow wormed his way into my mind and won't leave.

so that's the reason i'm joining. if i started talking about him right now, we'd be here all night. so i won't.

but you'll hear from me.

great idea for a community. <3
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