Shek (shekb) wrote in antimolly,

A message to teenage girls

Stop whining. Just find another boyfriend, I'm sure he'll be just as good as your last one.
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mother fucker. you've hit TWO of my communities playing your retarded game. :/ sistersafetypin and this one. grow the fuck up.

With that, the game is over. For those of you who read it, followed it to its source, enjoyed it and were generally good sports, please send thanks to Mr. Tonyz, whose idea this was.

If you were offended, really offended, or inflamed with furious rage, please direct all of it towards me and me alone. It was my idea to spam communities with the prank. Clearly, many of you dislike the idea a lot. Please consider that the comment was written with absolutely no animus, nor were the two communities pre-judged in any way, except as forums likely to be populated by teenage girls.

As a favor to everyone, I'm removing myself from the communities so that after today, none of you have to even look at my user name, even accidentally. I hope everyone had a happy Hannukah, Ramadan, or will have a happy Kwanza, a joyful Yule, a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Ps, I prefer hate mail accompanied by rude gestures if at all possible.

Pps, a special apology to girlslaugh, a whopping 2.5% of whose communities were affected.
Oh dear, people need to learn to get jokes, instead of throwing a shit-fit when they realise that they have to scroll through a post, which is all of two lines long.